Padel is a unique racket sport played between two couples. It is easy to pick up and enjoy from day one but sofisticated enough to keep you learning and pushing yourself to become a master. Padel is for everyone, embracing all genders, ages and levels of fitness.

Ranking Male
1 - nasser al-fakhroo
Rating: 7,00
2 - Mohammed Bader
Rating: 7,00
3 - eisa al sowaidi
Rating: 5,50
4 - Salvador Vidal
Rating: 5,00
5 - Kike Arribere
Rating: 5,00
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As you know the 1st Round of the I Padel Qatar League is going to start. Finally we distribute the teams in what we considered the best and fairest option. The first idea was 6 Divisions and at the end it has been extended to 10, so almost nobody is going to play on the same division signed up for.

Enclosed you can find each one of the divisions with their corresponding teams. Today only only the League players will receive the contact numbers of the rest of participants.

It is allowed to book padel courts (only for the League) with more than 5 days in advance. Once you agreed the timmings with your teammates and opponents contact us in the 66852539 (what’s up) and we will book the court for you. Remember it is ‘first come first serve’ basis.

The fees, which should be secured before the start of the tournament, include the courts bookings for 1.5 hours (4 matches).

Hope you will enjoy it.

See you at the court.


After two weekends of sport and excitement the I Padel Tournament of the State of Qatar came to an end.

In the Gold Division the final victory is for Mr Abdulaziz Al Kuwari and Victor Sanchez, beating Carles Planas and Xavier Alvarez by 6-2/6-3.

Moreover, in the Silver Division the winners are Jassem Mulla and Anas Alomrany, beating Faisal Al-Suaibi and Mohammad Al-Shaabi by 6-1/6-2.

Also, for those who were unlucky on the first round a Consolation Tournament has been played in parallel. Xavier Pedrero and Carlos Ruiz are the winners in the Gold Consollation draw after beating Omar Mohammed and Nasser Al Kuwari by 6-1/6-2. Meanwhile in the Consolation Silver Draw the victory has gone for Daniel Boan and Miguel beating Ibrahim Al Janahi and Salem Al Marzuqui by 6-3/6-4.

80 players were fighting for the victory since Friday 14th. 

Ranking Female
1 - Cristina Mateos
Rating: 6,00
2 - Olga Muñoz
Rating: 3,09
3 - Maria Campos
Rating: 3,00
4 - Alba Alegre
Rating: 3,00
5 - Alicia Lopez
Rating: 2,25
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