Padel is a unique racket sport played between two couples. It is easy to pick up and enjoy from day one but sofisticated enough to keep you learning and pushing yourself to become a master. Padel is for everyone, embracing all genders, ages and levels of fitness.

Ranking Male
1 - Nikolas Beeker
Rating: 7,00
2 - Meshaal Alrashid
Rating: 7,00
3 - Hamad Alyafei
Rating: 7,00
4 - Khalifa Althani
Rating: 7,00
5 - Abdulla AL-maraghi
Rating: 6,50
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Padel Qatar had a pending debt with the society. Knowing the fundamental role played by women in the world and their need for privacy, we have finally been able to present an exclusive padel court for them. The location is the best we could dream of in Qatar: the Qatar Women’s Sport Committee. We would like to thank them to believe in this sport and give us this opportunity.

To celebrate this milestone, there will be a soft opening of the new padel court from the 21st until the 31st of March where women (only) will be able to book through Padel Qatar webpage or app.

For more information you can call us on +974 5078 8778 or visit the webpage

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As you may be aware next March 8 is the International Women's Day. Since 1911 this day has been celebrated every year.

In Padel Qatar we are aware and grateful for the role played by women in today's society. And to celebrate this special occasion we want to promote the first padel tournament only for women.

The tournament is free of charge and will be held at Qatar Sport Club courts on Friday, March 9, 2018. Each team will play at least two games.

You can register through the number 6685 2539 or through the website  

Registration deadline is March 7, 2018.

We wish you all to participate in this special date.

Smile & Enjoy

Ranking Female
1 - Cristina Mateos
Rating: 6,00
2 - Olga Muñoz
Rating: 3,09
3 - Maria Campos
Rating: 3,00
4 - Alba Alegre
Rating: 3,00
5 - najla althani
Rating: 3,00
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