Padel is a unique racket sport played between two couples. It is easy to pick up and enjoy from day one but sofisticated enough to keep you learning and pushing yourself to become a master. Padel is for everyone, embracing all genders, ages and levels of fitness.

Ranking Male
1 - Abdulla Ahmad
Rating: 7,00
2 - Ahmed Darwish
Rating: 7,00
3 - Mohammed Kano
Rating: 7,00
4 - Ali Almuftah
Rating: 7,00
5 - Meshaal Alrashid
Rating: 7,00
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All ready for the second stage of the Qatar Padel Tour. This time the best players in Qatar won't miss the chance to battle and keep fighting for the race of the master finals. 

The stroger team, Abdulaziz Saadon and Mohammed Saadon will play in different team to prove themselves they can win no matter with who. 

Also in this tournament the category B seems stronger than ever. We would like to thank Santiago Prieto and Edward, representing Equatorial Guinea, for coming up here. They will have a lot to tell us, we are sure they will enjoy our lovely country. 

Keep update in our social media for the results, but this is not all, the finals will be streaming online in our Facebook and Youtube channel. 

We are happy to have you around. So come and enjoy the show. 

Good luck all the players. 





Padel Manager becomes the Official App of the circuit.

With this new tool, users will enjoy faster registrations, customized notifications, instant message in the schedule changes, check update rankings, you can also see live score matches in order to follow the event from anywhere and much more functions. With this APP Qatar Padel Tour will be as professional as the best global circuits.

To download the app, just click the following link:

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Here you have some links to see how the app works in this tutorial videos.


Qatar Padel Tour continues its efforts to create the best international padel experience.

Ranking Female
1 - Roda Al Thani
Rating: 7,00
2 - Sara Al-Nasr
Rating: 7,00
3 - Cristina Mateos
Rating: 6,00
4 - Lamya Al Thani
Rating: 6,00
5 - Olga Muñoz
Rating: 3,09
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